Atrim Bar and Restaurant Seating
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Conveniently located at Center & Main downtown.
Look for the Slickrock critter.

LIVE MUSIC by Lost Buffalo
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday



Many years ago, the Indians of the Fremont Culture roamed the rivers and cliffs of the San Raphael Swell in southeastern Utah. These Natives painted and carved images, called pictographs and petroglyphs, thus creating stories on cave walls and rock formations, which can still be seen visited today.

Among the rarest of these pictographs is that of the Slickrock Critter (Ridgus Dorsalus Spottus Canius Slick Rockus Critterus), located near Quitchup Creek. Is he a dog, a lizard, or a dinosaur? Nobody really knows. What we do know is that he was a relaxed, easy-going character roaming the red rock country looking for watering holes, resting frequently with friends and soaking up the warmth of the afternoon sun. The Critter now makes his home at the Slickrock Cafe in Moab, Utah, where you will always find good friends, abundant food & drink, and the time to enjoy them.

Help us carry on the legend of our Critter — good luck and friendship are sure to come your way with every piece of authentic Slickrock Cafe merchandise you own.